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Calis Beach useful information

Çaliş (pronounced Chalish) is a lovely up-and-coming family resort area, with lots to offer. Whilst they are working very hard on the area and there is a lot of work going on it is still a bit ?rough around the edges? .

The people are generally very friendly. but especially outside restaurants, you do get a bit of hassle. I tend to take it with good humour and promise I will go there soon. They soon get to know you and it usually turns into a little chat. There is a lot of competition out there and I think all they are trying to do is get trade.

Along the seafront and in the little town just across the bridge you will find many travel agents all offering a variety of trips - there are also several along the sea front and I have left a few brochures in the file in the apartment.

If you fancy a boat trip - a great fun day out  then I would suggest you go to water Taxi in Çaliş where you can book a day trip, which includes lunch and many have snorkeling equipment you can use too.  Also you can book trips at the marina in Fethiye . If you find something you fancy you can book direct, which is usually cheaper and you can see the boat before you go.. Most of them will come and pick you up and bring you back.  The cost is roughly about £12 per person for the day.

There are also various places to book Scuba Diving and I understand that European Diving is very good.

Well worth a visit:

Dalyan - to see the turtles (but beware of the mosquitos!)

Jeep Safari - best one is Karacay Tours - their jeeps are very comfortable. Their brochure is in the apartment and their shop is in Çaliş just over the bridge, walk 30 yards, or so on the right hand side.

There are also a number of historical trips i.e. Ephesus, Pamukkale. Kaş and Kalkan.

Eating Out - You will soon see there are many, many places to eat. I have never had a bad experience and, on the whole, eating out is enjoyable, with a great choice and very good value for money.

Along Çaliş seafront there are a few I can recommend. The Merhaba, Cafe Soul, NIl Bar, and Günışık, to name but a few. There are Turkish, Chinese, Indian, French, Italian and Mexican, but most serve English food too. However, if you are bursting for your Sunday Roast, have no fear, you will get it. I do not think you will be disappointed.

You might also like to try one of the traditional Turkish LOKANTA restaurants, the food is very good and very reasonable. There are a few in Çaliş, and many more in Fethiye.

Changing money is very easy and straightforward. You will see their little booths along the seafront, with a board clearly showing the rates for that day. The shops take Lira, Sterling, Euro, anything actually. There are also many change shops in Fethiye.

Public transport - is excellent. You will soon get to recognise the buses, or dolmuş as they are called. You hail them anywhere and get off whenever you want. The fare costs 2 lira  (around 60p) and is great value.

There is also a Government (blue or white) bus which leaves on the hour and half hour - this one takes the quicker route into town and is around one lira and takes you to the harbour area of town (Passpator).

Passing the apartment is the dolmuş to Fethiye. There are actually two, each taking a different route to the small bus station in Fethiye. One goes via:

GUNLUKBAŞI/Fethiye (long way)

and the other

SAHLIDAN/Fethiye (short way)

To get to either the Tansaş or Migros supermarket you need to get the SAHLIDAN/Fethiye dolmus. Just ask the driver for either supermarket. To get to the Fethiye Market, held on Tuesday, you can get either (but the Sahlidan bus is a little quicker as it's not such a long route).

To get to the Çaliş Market, held on Sunday, you need to get the GUNLUKBAŞI/Fethiye dolmuş.

Be careful in the markets. There are some really good bargains to be had, but you must barter. However, there are some great shops in Fethiye where you may get an even better deal.

Nearby the Fethiye bus station you can get the dolmuş to Olüdeniz and other places of interest. There is another much larger coach station on the way to Fethiye, from where you can get to anywhere in Turkey.

Another, fun way, to get to Fethiye is to take the Water Taxi (see photo page). You cannot miss the boats just across the bridge. The fare is very reasonable and it takes you right to the heart of the Marina and run until 11.30 (ish) but do check. 

You can get to the Passpator area of Fethiye, just ask anyone. This is the old town and well worth a visit. Nice to go at night when it is cooler.

Special Day Trips

If you fancy a special day trip, these can be arranged - please contact me for details.